Since I was little, I’ve been told to embrace my uniqueness. “There’s only one you in the world!” “Don’t try to be someone you’re not.” “Accept people’s differences.”

Sound familiar?

Those adages are important—especially for building confidence in kids.

Why, then, do we assume every group or department in our organization should operate as if they aren’t unique or have different creative processes and challenges?

Zestful blog: podcast episode 30

Departments in our companies have varying skills, interests, functions, and weaknesses.

So, each team should be managed according to its unique qualities.

In the latest #Perks episode of Crafting Culture, I catch up with Head of HR at Sendoso, Jennie Knowles.

She offers 3 big ideas right off the bat:

  1. The real magic happens when we celebrate departmental differences.
  2. Asking people across all functions to behave the same way stifles creativity.
  3. You have to live and breathe your core values while accepting each team’s diversity.

Wanna hear more great advice for leveraging departmental differences? Listen now:

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Kate Marshall (she/her) is the Head of Content at Zestful. With a background in digital marketing, she uses her analytics and SEO chops to influence a well-rounded, backed-by-data content strategy. She believes in staying as human as possible—even at work—and strives to instill this in her team members. In her spare time, Kate can be found on her yoga mat, at brunch, or hanging out with her dog, Ellie.

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