Let’s talk empathy at work.

Imagine a world in which we shine a spotlight on empathy at work. If your initial thoughts turn to a warm, fuzzy, share your innermost feelings type of vibe—you’re not totally wrong—but you’re not right, either.

We’re talking the professional, direct kind. The kind of empathy that gets stuff done.

Building trust at work

In this episode of Crafting Culture, I check in with Emma Brudner, Director of People Operations at Lola.com. She shares her experience with shifting your perspective (aka perspective-taking) in professional settings.

As soon as you do that perspective-taking, you can solve a problem from the same side of the table versus on opposite sides.

Emma Brudner

Plus, we talk about:

  • Finding the balance between directness and empathy at work
  • How to use empathy to create a more efficient work culture
  • How leaders can use authenticity and vulnerability to get more done

Listen now:

And be sure to read the article that started it all—Emma’s piece on Inc.com: Why You Need to Make an Effort to Be Empathetic at Work if You Want to Be More Efficient.

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Kate Marshall (she/her) is the Head of Content at Zestful. With a background in digital marketing, she uses her analytics and SEO chops to influence a well-rounded, backed-by-data content strategy. She believes in staying as human as possible—even at work—and strives to instill this in her team members. In her spare time, Kate can be found on her yoga mat, at brunch, or hanging out with her dog, Ellie.

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