We’re halfway through the last month of the decade. 😳

Once you recover from that factoid (it’s really NBD, it’s fine, we’re all fine!) you probably don’t need any more reminders that the year is coming to an end. After all, Mariah Carey’s holiday album playing in every establishment (eye roll), you’re constantly hit with Instagram ads you will inevitably fall for (but I do need another pair of boots), and you’re trying your best to get into the holiday spirit even though you don’t like the movie Elf (to be honest, I’m judging you, but to each their own).

When it comes to work, though, it really is cool to look back and reflect on all you’ve accomplished over the past year. If you’re anything like us, you’ve likely spent a lot of time trying to nail down the best office perks for your company—and for good reason. Simply put:

The importance of employee benefits is more crucial than ever.

And we know what you’re thinking: we’re biased. It crossed our minds, too.

Which is why we pulled the data to prove it.

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The best office perks in 2019 🎉

Although Zestful cards can only be shipped to a U.S. address, the cards themselves can be used anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.

In 2019, our little yellow cards went on a world tour! Zestful was used in 24 countries (and counting), further showing us that companies need a consolidated perks solution that can be used across their global workforce. After all, your team isn’t one-size-fits-all… so why would your perks be?

your team isn’t one-size-fits-all… so why would your perks be?

Workplace wellness = 📈

20% of companies don’t offer health and wellness programs, yet personalized wellness programs—combined with incentives like paid time off—would motivate 80% of employees to be more engaged in employer programming.

“They grow so fast”: a story about the Zestful catalog

There are a few ways to add your favorite products and services to the Zestful catalog—with the most popular being to request an addition on our website. Within a couple of business days, we can get your go-to spots added, even local businesses! #shoplocal

Give back ❤️

Among the dozens of things we love about our platform, the ability to use Zestful to give back is one of our team’s resounding favorites. Curious about which nonprofits are currently in our catalog? Browse the Charity category here.

And what’s even more, it’s one of our customers’ favorites, too! Zestful was used to donate $3,984 to charity this year. That’s an average of $362.18 each month. 🙌

Top 5 Charities in 2019:

B-b-b-benefits and perks 🎶

One of our main missions 🚀 at Zestful is to create a perks system that offers diverse options for a diverse workforce—and it’s working. Of all Zestful customers, 89% give an “All Products” Reward to their employees, allowing them to use their balance on whatever they want, whenever they want.

Diverse perks for a diverse workforce. That’s Zestful.

One of our missions at Zestful is to create a perks system that offers diverse options for a diverse workforce—and it’s working.

Of the 89% of employees that used their Zestful card within their All Products category, some of the most popular categories and products were:

Employee perks in 2020

What the data (and our personal experience) shows us is that executives are starting to see the importance of employee benefits now—and that’s projected to grow more as the year goes on.

But why?

Perk programs are valuable to leadership today for three main reasons:

  1. Recognition
    1. When asked what leaders could do to improve engagement, 58% of respondents replied, “give recognition”.
    2. 36% of employees felt so strongly about recognition that it was the number one reason they’re considering new jobs.
    3. 41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen positive increases in customer satisfaction.
  2. Retention
    1. 72% of employees said having more work benefits would increase job satisfaction.
    2. Why do employees stay with their current employer? 74% stay for interesting work and the 69% stay based on recognition and rewards.
    3. Companies with employee recognition programs have a 31% lower voluntary turnover.
  3. Talent
    1. 70% would be at least somewhat likely to leave their current organizations and take a job with one that invests in employee development and learning.
    2. 73% of U.S. workers said health and wellness programs are a consideration in deciding to work for a company.
    3. 89% of HR executives feel that recognition programs are improving the employee experience.

Tips for awe-inspiring perks in 2020

  • Quality>quantity. 
    • The best office perks have nothing to do with how much they cost and everything to do with the intent behind them. If a wellness program is more about your mission to have a mentally and physically healthy team—and less about the cost savings—employees are more likely to utilize and appreciate it. Human touch before everything, always.
  • But still… quantity.
    • The reality is, employee perks are no longer an option; they’re a necessity. We see three main trends when companies come to us: they want to offer better rewards and recognition, keep their employees around longer, or attract top-tier talent (or some combination of all of the above). Perks help with all three—and also help to reduce the chances of burnout.
  • Diversification is key.
    • Your team is diverse, so why wouldn’t your perks be? Expecting employees to participate in a perks program that doesn’t offer inclusive options is likely to set you up for a lot of work and little reward. That’s why we do what we do—we help make employee perks more personal.

Ready to find out the importance of employee benefits? We can help with that! Zestful’s consolidated, streamlined, easy-to-use employee perk software solves recognition friction and eliminates pesky reimbursements in the process. Reach out to learn more.

Zestful: recognize and reward your employees—minus the admin work.

Kate Marshall (she/her) is the Head of Content at Zestful. With a background in digital marketing, she uses her analytics and SEO chops to influence a well-rounded, backed-by-data content strategy. She believes in staying as human as possible—even at work—and strives to instill this in her team members. In her spare time, Kate can be found on her yoga mat, at brunch, or hanging out with her dog, Ellie.

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