Whether you love it or hate it, or your feelings vary depending on the day (cue: “Hot And Cold” by Katy Perry), Slack is a communication tool that, at one point or another, has kept us all afloat—especially if you’re working from home or you’re on a remote team.

But we’re not here to talk about how much we love or hate Slack, are we? (I personally love it, but I digress.)

What we are here to talk about, however, is our brand NEW integration with it!

Zestful’s Slack integration

Our team is excited to offer an integration that will streamline the way our users receive and respond to rewards. With Zestful’s Slack integration, a Slackbot notification is sent to an employee when they receive a reward.

Rewards that appear in Slack:

And for admins, setting it up takes just a few clicks.

Setting up your Zestful Slack integration

  1. In your Zestful dashboard, head to Settings.
  2. Here, you’ll see a tab for Integrations. (Only if you’re an admin, though!)
  3. Select Slack and click Add integration.

4. Zestful will ask for permission to connect with your Slack workplace—click Allow to proceed.

Once allowed, your Slack integration will be connected! Rewards will appear in your Slackbot channel any time they are sent to you.


Send your Peer to Peer rewards to a public Slack channel for extra special recognition!

To do this, click “Settings” within the Slack integration module. Toggle your public channel setting “on”, then select which channel you’d like the reward feed to live in.

Questions? Concerns? Hot gossip? Reach out.

Zestful: recognize and reward your employees—minus the admin work.

Kate Marshall (she/her) is the Head of Content at Zestful. With a background in digital marketing, she uses her analytics and SEO chops to influence a well-rounded, backed-by-data content strategy. She believes in staying as human as possible—even at work—and strives to instill this in her team members. In her spare time, Kate can be found on her yoga mat, at brunch, or hanging out with her dog, Ellie.

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